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Dyer Health and COVID-19

It is requested our patients and visitors continue to ear a mask into the office and common areas.  Individual treatment rooms will provide patients to be isolated enough to take off their masks as they feel comfortable.  The staff at Dyer Health will continue to wear their masks during interactions with patients.

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the dr. dyer's

Dr. David started the practice in 1979. His son, Dr. Derek joined in 2005. They have prided themselves on providing the most up-to-date care available to their patients.  


After Dr. David's retirement in July of 2016, Dr. Derek continues to strive to advancing his father's example of patient-centered care.

the massage therapists

Claire Burkhart, and Megan Bernath are Certified Massage Therapists at Dyer Health. Massage Therapy along with Chiropractic Treatment are perfect complimentary treatments in ensuring both the joints and muscles are being addressed during the healing process.


hemp oil now available at dyer health

Hemp oil has shown to be beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain, sleeping issues and digestive problems. Standard Process continues to provide top tier supplements in the the market


- chiropracitc diversified manipulation


- mckenzie therapy

- dry needling


- cox flexion/distraction


- core stabilization

- nutrition


- active stretching


- electric stimulation


- ultrasound

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massage therapy

- two certified massage therapists

- deep tissue, combo, and swedish massages, warm bamboo and cupping

- 30, 60, 90 minute massages are available 6 days a week

experience the difference of patient centered treatment using McKenzie Therapy!

Try something new for your pain or injury.  Dr. Derek specializes in assessing injuries and helping educate his patients how specific exercises and movements improve symptoms and allow the patients to become more actively involved in treating their injuries.


Schedule your appointment at Dyer Health to see how you can take the first step to feeling better!

probiotics now available at dyer health

More and more benefits are being shown with improving your gut health.  Dyer Health now carries the Probonix line of probiotics. Adult and child options are available to aid in addressing numerous health issues.