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Dyer Health and Wellness is here to serve you.  We are participating providers on many insurance plans.   We also offer discounts if you pay cash for your treatment at the time of service.  It is our goal to make our patient's experience as comfortable as possible while in our office. If there are any questions or concerns at any time during your treatment, our doctors and staff are readily avialable to attend to you.


Initial visits for patients of Dyer Health and Wellness tend to last between 45 to 60 minutes.  A consultation will be performed where the doctor will take a detailed history of the injury.  A thourough physical exam including neurological and orthopedic tests will be performed to help accurately diagnose the condition.  An X-ray machine is available in the office if needed for further evaluation.  Treatment will be performed and can include hot packs, electrical muscle stimulation, manipulation and rehabilitation activities.  A treatment plan will be discussed.  Frequently the doctors will send patients home with 'homework' exercises to allow them to take part in their recovery to promote faster response to treatment.  


Follow-up visits can very from 10 to 30 minutes depending on how the patient's condition is responding.  Treatment and exercises can be altered to allow for changing pain response.  Several patients can experience immedate resolution of pain, where others can take several visits to be considered cured.  Individual results vary depending on the condition and the patient's activities of daily living.  Regardless, the goal of our office is to get you feeling normal again as quickly as possible.

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what is a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment is the primary treatment method used by chiropractic physicians.  This technique is applied to joints that have been diagnosed as being fixated or dysfunctional.  The adjustment is applied by hand and consists of a low force controlled high velocity contact at the specific site of joint dysfunction

what is the purpose of the adjustment?

The adjustment helps to restore joint motion which reduces/inhibits pain, muscle spasm/tightness, joint inflammation and improves muscle balance

does chiropractic treatment hurt?

Chiropractic treatment, which consists of the adjustment, soft tissue release and rehabilititation exercises, rarely hurts.  It typically feels good.  Some patients may experience some soreness at the beginning of care, but this soreness quickly resolves.


once i go to a chiropractor, do i have to go forever?

No.  First we must determine the need for chiropractic care by doing a history and performing a physical exam.  If needed, imaging studies may also be performed.  If it is decided our treatment would be beneficial for you, we will begin a treatment plan geared towards resolving your condition. The length of the tratment can vary depending on your condition.  If it is determined we can not treat/address your condition we will discuss other sources of treatment and/or refer you to another doctor.  

Some patients do chose to make chiropractic treatment part of their ongoing wellness care.  How long you benefit from chiropractic care is up to you.


can i still be treated if i have had neck or back surgery?

Yes.  The doctors are specifically trained to determine when they can or cannot treat you.  Spinal function is based on movement.  Treatment in our office is geared to maintaining the most optimum movement of your spine.


are x-rays required?

No.  X-rays are only taken when the history taken and physical/orthopedic exam are not conclusive.  They may also be taken if we suspect a fracture, degeneration or possible pathology.


i am pregnant.  can i be treated?

Yes.  It has been proven that chiropractic is beneficial in treating low back pain and sciatica commonly seen during pregnancy.  Treatment has also been shown to decrease labor time and the need for c-sections.


do i need a referral to your office?

No, there is no referrel needed to see the doctors at Dyer Health and Wellness.


is it safe for children to be treated?

Yes. Children of all ages from infant through teen years benefit from chiropractic treatment.  They tend to respond remarkably well to treatment.




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