It is a common misconception chiropractors are just "back" doctors.  The word "chiropractor" in Greek means "practices with the hands."  Dr. Derek at Dyer Health and Wellness is able to address all neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  The head and spine have an influence on all conditions of the body. With treatment, patients experiencing those conditions can see relief in their symptoms. 

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neck and back pain


The spine is our speciality.  All conditions related to the spine can be addressed in our office.  The doctor provides a thorough exam that allows a correct diagnosis of your injury.  From common strain/sprains to disc bulges/herniations, our office is a great place to start your treatment.  We can accurately diagnose your condition and begin treatment to a full recovery.


The goal is always to treat your condition quickly and effectively.  The time frame of how long you have had your condition does have a direct effect on the recovery period, but with active involvement of the patient in their own rehabilitation, the recovery time can be shortened.



Headaches, even migraines, are a common condition in this day in age.  Driving, computers and text messaging all affect the posture and position of our cervical spine which directly effect your headache.  Tension, cluster, sinus and migraine headaches can all have a cervical spine component which means they can respond well to treatments available in our office.  



Wrists, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles all can experience the same strains and sprains of the spine.  Tendonitis, plantar fascia and muscle injuries can be addressed with certain therapies and stretching treatments by the doctors. Custom orthotics are also available to be cast in our office.


personal injury

Dyer Health can help provide relief following personal injury events.  Motor Vehicle accidents and other trauma events can create pain and discomfort.  Chiropractic treatment and rehabilitation provided by Dr. Dyer can allow for relief of symptoms and injury.  



conditions treated

-  headache - tension, sinus, migraine, cluster

-  neck pain

-  back pain

-  hip pain

-  joint pain

- tmj dysfunction

- posture strain

- rib pain

- whiplash

- disc degneration/bulging/herniation

- degenerative disc disease

- post-surgical back pain

- failed back surgery 

- pinched nerve

- radiculopathy 

- muscle strain/sprain

- muscle spasm

- impingement syndromes

- piriformis syndrome

- arthritis

- rotator cuff injury

- golfer/tennis elbow

- carpal tunnel

- numbness/tingling

- joint stiffness

- sciatica

- degenerative joint disease

- knee pain

- adhesive capsulitis 

- plantar fasciitis



The doctor uses a specific mobilization treatment called Diversified-Manipulation to promote motion of the spine where movement is needed.

mckenzie diagnosis and therapy


Dr. Derek is one of less than 1% of chiropractors in the world certified as a MDT practitioner.  


The McKenzie Method or Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT) is a system of evaluation and treatment of mechanical spinal and extremity pain developed by New Zealand Physical Therapist Robin McKenzie.  It is practiced extensively throughout the world in 40 countries and on 5 continents.

MDT is an active treatment philosophy that emphasizes teaching the patient how to manage and treat the pain themselves.  The patient is encouraged to take an active role in their own recovery with the emphasis on patient independence of self treatment and prevention.  For more information on the McKenzie Method check out their website at

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It is our goal to not only get you out of pain, but to keep you out of pain.  The doctor uses several different rehab techniques to repair and strengthen your injuries.  From core stabilization to active stretching, the correct treatment will be used to ensure your pain goes away and stays away.



The doctor prides himself on knowing and recognizing when conditions are not treatable or are not responding in our office.  We frequently co-manage patient injuries with their primary care provide to ensure comfort during treatment.  We will ensure we discuss all options for treatment and referrals to other specialists to heal your injury.

massage therapy

Dyer Health has two licensed massage therapists in-house specializing in myofascial release.  They are available by appointment and compliment the treatment provided by Dr. Derek to help you feel your best.

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